am writing to substantiate the claim that Finnebrogue will produce the Naked range in ‘the most sustainable way they can’, ‘do good with every bite, and make ‘Good food’ ‘Better Naked’.


Foundation Earth is an independent organisation established in May 2020 to issue front of pack sustainability scores on all food products. Naked brand has signed up and will include scores on all packs from September 2021. Foundation Earth is working with leading scientists from across the UK and EU, as well as food producers, processors and retailers who all have united around a mission to build a global food system that doesn’t destroy Planet Earth.

They are developing a way to measure the environmental impact of every single food product, encompassing a full product life cycle analysis. These sustainability scores will help consumers make more educated buying choices. The score will reflect a food’s impact on sixteen different environmental metrics, including soil, water, biodiversity and carbon emissions. From September 2021, we will include a Foundation Earth Score on all front of packs in the Naked range. The score will measure the product’s impact on the environment through carbon emissions, biodiversity, water pollution and water scarcity.

PACKAGING (as of May 2021)

• All our trays are composed of 80% recycled content and are 100% recyclable.

• In raw material form, the trays are produced from recycled plastic bottles, pots and trays.

• All sleeves are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) as being 100% recyclable.

SUSTAINABLE PROTEINS (plant-based range):

• We only source sustainable soy from suppliers who do not contribute to deforestation or exploitation, and are members or the Round Table of Responsible Soy Association.

• We use alternate ‘more sustainable’ proteins to make the majority of our plant-based foods, including pea and mushroom protein.


• Received a Foundation Earth B grade when rated.

• Use 58 litres less water to produce than regular chicken nuggets.

• Pose 87% less risk to biodiversity.


Food waste

• We produce product to order, which helps to reduce our food waste.

• Any surplus product is given to the Simon Community and Fareshare, helping to fight food hunger.

• We don’t waste our waste. Since 2016, we’ve sent 2,573 tonnes of process waste to anaerobic digestion. This produces biogas, biofertilizer and biomethane gas to fuel delivery trucks. Source: Mondra Plant-based site

• Invested £25m in building the most advanced state of the art, plant-based food facility in Europe.

• Created an additional 300 jobs for the local community. Energy efficiency

• We have implemented resource efficiency programmes such as water diffusers on taps and using 100% LED lighting throughout all facilities.

• Our heat recovery system converts heat from the fridges and freezers to heat all the hot water required for our main sausage facility.

• Naked HQ is fitted with 2639 solar panels, enabling us to save 444kg Co2 emissions in the last three years. That’s equivalent to saving 20,000 trees or powering nearly 400 homes.


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